You’re Never Too Old to Have Fun!

The Snowfort, after being fortified with "slush"

“You’re never too old to have fun” one of my students said as I handed another student a handful of slush to help fortify the snow fort that had been built earlier in the day.  All 15 students who were here at the end of the day eagerly passed snowballs and slush (mortar) to one another.  It reminded me of a colony of beavers building a dam or a group of ants passing a small morsel of food to one another.

We are just starting a unit on personal essays.  Today I told the kids about really being awake in your world and taking in the world around you.  This morning at Concord Teacakes, I bought my usual Concord Journal and two cups of coffee.  As usual, I was greeted by name, asked how I was doing, and we talked about the weather.  As I was filling my coffee with milk, I heard Marilyn greet another person.  I stopped and thought about how important it is to me to feel like I am part of a place.  The personal essays we will be writing will be on a big idea, rather than a small moment.  They will be based on something that is important to you.  So, I started my day by coming up with that thesis statement.  As I am ending my day, my new seed idea is “that you are never too old to have fun.”  I love how my students can constantly remind me to look at the world through their eyes and remember things that in this hectic world sometimes get lost in translation.  As they are being wide-awake in looking at their world tonight, I will write up my newest seed thesis idea.