About Me

I’m entering my 14th year of teaching at the Thoreau School. During this time, I have taught both 4th and 5th grade. Five  years ago, I became a blogger and at BLC conference, I learned that blogging is indeed a genre of writing and reading. This specific blog allows me to reflect on what is occurring in Room 218B, on my thoughts about teaching, learning, and living. When not blogging or teaching, I enjoy walking my Westie Kyla, chilling with my husband, watching my sons grow into men, collecting sand, reading, tracking turtles, taking pictures, exploring swamps and other unique ecosystems, and gardening.  I am looking forward to another great year of learning.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Bill Armocida

    Thank you so much for taking time during your Christmas break to arrange for us to meet you and let Kaleigh and Ana visit their new school. The girls have a lot of mixed emotions about moving into a new town and new school. However, I’m sure that their bubbly personalities will serve them well in making new friends.

    See you Wednesday at 8:00am.

    Bill Armocida

  2. Becky Taylor

    Hi! I am a recently retired school teacher working on my first children’s book. I want to use actual photographs of the animals in my book… after an exhaustive search your pic of toads is my favorite. Could I have your permission to us it if I should get published? You will be listed as a contributor. Thank you and have a wonderful school year… reading parts of your blog reminded me of why I wanted to be a teacher to begin with.

  3. Morgan


    My name is Morgan. I am family of Kailey Russell Prior and I teach middle school in Oakland, California. Kailey told me this summer about loving a project from your class regarding artifacts. She remembers it involving creating artifacts and then using analysis to make inferences about different cultures from artifacts. I would love to use a lesson like this with my students. Please email any materials or lesson plans you feel comfortable sharing, when you have the chance. Also, congratulations on teaching such a memorable lesson!



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