Adora Svitak

BLC10 — Keynote Speaker July 14th

In the past, I have heard many conversations in my school that leadership needs to be built from the ground up, meaning that teachers need to be involved in conversations about the direction of learning.  However, after this keynote address, there is another voice missing from the discussion, according to Adora Svitak.  This missing group are the students themselves.  This was one unique keynote speaker, in that Adora Svitak is twelve years old.  She had the presence of someone well beyond her years.  She reminded the audience that leadership is the ability to guide, direct, or influence people, and that kids should also be thought of as leaders in the educational community.  Adora represented her peers so well!  “Kids can bring new, fresh ideas.  Learning between adults and kids should be reciprocal.  Kids shouldn’t be bored to death,  they should be actively participating.  Every student has the ability to learn!”   As teachers are getting their minds wrapped around this coming school year, watch Adora at TED 2010 
to make sure this important group is included in your thoughts on how to make learning meaningful for students.