Room 305B Digital Learning Farm
Room 305B Digital Learning Farm

At 1:30 p.m., six teams descended on the lab.  One team was conducting their first interview and importing it into GarageBand; another group was preparing their presentation on Key Notes about what micro-loans the class should make to working poor throughout the world; a group of three learned about ActivStudio and set about creating tutorials that students will be able to access at home on a variety of topics; four teammates evaluated film that they had shot a couple of weeks ago and wrote blurbs about each movies; three teammates set about to find digital images, both on the web and through a scanner, and then began designing book trailers on iMovie; and a group of researchers started their webpage on “Questions Kids Ask”.  This may sound like a news room or perhaps a think tank in Silicon Valley, but it was the Thoreau School Computer Lab and the digitalization of our initial Digital Learning Farm projects.  Throughout the room, collaboration and communication between the teams were the rule of the day.  Work was split up by the students, students quickly acquired new technology skills, and the best of all was the smile from one student on the Take Me to the River team when he saw his work go “live.”  Ms. Howard was able to obtain a new website that the students will be able to add to.  This work in progress site will be listed on the home page of my website.  If you walked in the lab, you would have witnessed a class of extremely motivated, cooperative learners.  It was inspiring!

Before leaving, the children needed a ticket to leave by listing an adjective describing their afternoon.   Here’s what they reported about the afternoon:  fun, exciting, confusing, joyful, fascinating, awesome, cool, funtastic, delightful, hard, interesting, extraordinary, challenging, rewarding, inspiring, frustrating, thrilling, and terrific!

Under the ISTE’s Educational Technology Standards for Students, these are the goals for students to achieve.  All of these goals were definitely evident during this afternoon!

Creativity and Innovation

Communication and Collaboration

Research and Information Fluency

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

Digital Citizenship

Technology Operations and Concepts